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Easy Feed Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding Multi-use Poncho Style Scarf with Buttons, Cotton Feeding Elegant Apron Breathable for Pre & Post Pregnancy Blue

795.00 incl. GST
easyfeed poncho nursing cover MAXIMUM PRIVACY: Nursing cover poncho are the best option if your primary concern is modesty because

Feeding Cloak Apron Cover Maternity Cover Cotton Pink Maternity Breastfeeding Multipurpose for Mothers

291.00 incl. GST
feeding maternity cover pink Are you tired of using bulky and uncomfortable blankets and covers when you want some private

A maternity feeding nursing cover is a type of garment designed to provide privacy and coverage for nursing mothers while breastfeeding in public or in other settings where a private space is not available. The cover is typically made from a lightweight, breathable fabric such as cotton or modal and is worn over the nursing mother’s clothing. It has an opening or panel that allows the mother to access her breast for nursing without exposing herself. Some nursing covers may also have a built-in boning or stiffening agent along the top edge to help maintain its shape and provide a clear view for the baby while breastfeeding. Maternity feeding nursing covers may come in a variety of styles, including full coverage designs that drape over the entire body or partial coverage designs that cover only the upper body.