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Newborn Infant Baby Nappy Muslin Squares 60cm x 60cm Plain White Cotton Cloth for Langot Diaper | 6 pcs pack

1.00 incl. GST
baby nappy muslin squares The Cloth Nappies are made from cotton fabric that is soft. After all, your baby's tender skin deserves the best. The breathable cotton fabric provides round the clock comfort to your newborn and allows baby?s skin to breathe freely. The cloth will become softer with every wash.

A Newborn Baby Cotton Squares Nappy Langot is a type of loincloth that is specifically designed for newborn babies. It is typically made of soft, breathable cotton fabric to ensure comfort for the baby. The langot is worn around the waist and covers the lower body, providing coverage for diaper changes and protecting the baby’s skin from irritation. It is a practical and hygienic option for parents to use as an undergarment for their newborns, and it is easy to wash and maintain. Some parents also choose to use nappy langots as a traditional garment for their newborns in certain cultural or religious practices.

Shop online Cotton Squares Nappy Langot at Titapu. Practical hygienic option for parents to use as undergarment for their newborns, easy to wash & maintain.