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African Safari an Exciting Brain Teaser & Adventure Puzzle Game/Board Game with 132 Challenges for Kids 5years and Above

619.00 incl. GST
african safari board game Immerse yourself in this awesome puzzle and improve your IQ and build Curiosity with this Memory

Baby Boy Girl First Birthday Gift Boxset of 10 Board Books ABC Colors Numbers Birds Shapes Animals Vegetable Fruits Transport

499.00 incl. GST
Baby Boy Girl First Birthday Gift Boxset of 10 Board Books ABC Colors Numbers Birds Shapes Animals Vegetable Fruits Transport This is a wonderful box set of 10 board books to introduce your child to basic concepts and everyday objects. It comes packed with well-researched images and accurate labels in English. Its vivid pictures make it easy for kids to grasp concepts faster. This box set is a great learning aid for children aged 0-3 years. It helps in English vocabulary building and prepares children for school. The box set includes books on:
  1. ABC
  2. Numbers
  3. Farm Animals & Pets
  4. Colours
  5. Wild Animals
  6. Shapes
  7. Birds
  8. Fruits
  9. Vegetables
  10. Transport
A collection of 10 well-researched Board books to introduce a wide range of learning topics and everyday objects to the little scholars. The topics included in the set are - ABC, numbers, shapes, colours, wild animals, farm animals and pets, birds, fruits, vegetables and transport. These beautiful picture books develops reading skills helps the child to build a vocabulary improves listening and observational skill have well-researched bright pictures covers comprehensive set of topics suited for a toddler.

Chalk and Chuckles Long Legs, 6 – 9 Years

570.00 incl. GST
chalk chuckles long legs A funny maths game with sliding MONSTERS and wooden rulers that takes the fear out of

Create & Paint Photo Frame- Multi Color for Kids 5+ Years

299.00 incl. GST
create paint photo frame Unique craft kit to create and paint Paint the photo frames of your choice Helps to

Toys Books Clothing Rs.501/-toRs.1000/- options:

  1. Educational toys: Educational toys, such as puzzles, science kits, or building sets, can provide children with hands-on learning experiences and are a great gift for children who enjoy learning through play.
  2. Board games: Board games, such as chess, Monopoly, or Scrabble, are a fun and interactive gift for children who enjoy strategic thinking and socializing.
  3. Electronic toys: Electronic toys such as Remote controlled and battery-operated cars are a popular gift for children and can provide hours of entertainment. Look for products with age-appropriate content and features such as parental controls.
  4. Books: Books are a timeless and educational gift for children. Look for books with age-appropriate content and in a range of genres, such as picture books, chapter books, or non-fiction books, to suit your child’s interests.
  5. Art supplies: Art supplies, such as paints, markers, or clay, are a creative and expressive gift for children who enjoy art. Look for high-quality supplies that are safe and easy to use.

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