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Activity Spiral Stroller, Bed Hanging, Baby Car Seat Pram Toy with Mirror for 0 to 12 Months Baby Boys and Baby Girls (Stars, Multicolour)

809.00 incl. GST
SENSORY TOY: This baby interactive toy comes with different patterns, textures, crinkle sounds and animal characters to entertain your baby

Baby and Toddler Plastic First Block Shape, Sorter, Colors, ABCD Shape, Toys for 1 Year Old

295.00 incl. GST
baby block shape sorter Educational Activity Toys with 16 Building Blocks for Kids Open a bucket of fun for your

Baby Kids Water Play Mat Toys Inflatable Tummy Time Leakproof Toddlers Perfect Fun Activity Play Center Indoor Outdoor

299.00 incl. GST
  • Lightweight & Portable : 26 X 20 inch product shrinks to palm size after folding 0.57lb as light as a little bird Gift For 3 4 6 9 to 12 Months Old Baby Boys or Girls Toys.

Baby Play mat for Kids (Turtle Tent Playmat)

1,999.00 incl. GST
play gym ball pool The 3-in-1 Activity Play Gym is the perfect place for your baby to spend some time,

Giggles – Alphy The Elephant , Pull along toy , Head bobs,Tail wags,Encourages Walking , 18 months & above , Infant and Preschool Toys Multicolor

584.00 incl. GST
giggles alphy elephant pulltoy Funskool giggles alphy the elephant: Colorful, rolly-polly pull along buddy toy A friendly colorful, musical pull-along

Rattles Cradle Crib Toys – Newborn babies are still developing their senses, and toys that make noise, such as rattles and musical toys, can be stimulating for them. Hanging toys that can be reached from a baby’s crib or cradle can also provide entertainment and help with the development of their hand-eye coordination.

It’s important to choose toys that are appropriate for a newborn’s age and development. Newborn toys should be made of safe, non-toxic materials and be the right size for the baby’s hands to hold.

Here are some suggestions for newborn toys:

  • Rattles: These are simple toys that make noise when shaken, which can be captivating for newborns. Look for rattles that are made of soft materials and are easy for the baby to grip.
  • Cradle cot hanging toys: These toys are designed to hang from the sides of a baby’s crib or cradle, providing stimulation and entertainment while they are lying down. Look for hanging toys that have different textures, colors, and shapes to help with the baby’s sensory development.
  • Musical toys: These toys play music or make sounds when activated, which can be soothing for newborns. Look for musical toys that have a volume control or that can be turned off, so you can adjust the level of noise depending on the situation.
  • Soft toys: Soft, cuddly toys can provide comfort and security for newborns. Look for toys that are made of soft, washable materials and are the right size for the baby to hold.

It’s also important to regularly inspect toys for any damage or loose parts, and to follow the manufacturer’s recommended age range when choosing toys for your newborn.

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