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Baby Proofing Corner Guards | Pre-Taped Corner Protectors | Child Safety Edge Guards | 10 Pieces | Brown

316.00 incl. GST
baby corner guard brown ? SAFE CORNERS: Soft and high-density foam cushions protect babies and seniors from injuries from sharp

Baby Safety Helmet, Head Guard & Baby Head Protector for Walking & Crawling for Infants,Kids & Toddlers (Happy-Blue)

299.00 incl. GST
baby safety helmet happyblue safety helmet for babies is an all-rounded protection that saves their heads from injuries while they

Baby Safety Strip Furniture Edge Guard Cushion Corner Cover 2 Meter 6.5 feet Tape Infant Bump Protector | L Shape | Brown

199.00 incl. GST
baby safety edge guard These baby bumpers are eco-friendly.No heavy metals and latex free ensure safety to baby. These soft,

Cotton Printed Knee Pads for Babies Breathable Safety Skin Protector Crawling Knee Caps for Baby Boy and Girl (Pack of 2, Multicolor)

399.00 incl. GST
baby crawling knee caps KNEE PROTECTOR: Protects your little one?s soft knee from bruises & scrapes when they are curiously

Mee Mee Soft Baby Knee Elbow Pads, Light Blue

391.00 incl. GST
meemee knee elbow pads These knee pads for crawling babies can also double up as elbow guards Made from natural

U Shape Glass Table Corner Protector Essential Protection for Children | Thick Design Corners | Baby Safety Edge Guards | Pack of 4

249.00 incl. GST
u-shape glass corner protector Material: NBR Rubber Size: U shaped 5.5*3.8*0.8cm,L thickened type 5.5*3.5*1.3cm,L shaped 5.5*2*0.8cm The installation is simple,the

Child proofing & Safety your home is an important step in keeping your baby safe and secure. There are many different baby safety products available that can help you childproof your home, including:

  1. Outlet covers: These covers can be placed over electrical outlets. They prevent your child from sticking their fingers or other objects into the sockets.
  2. Cabinet and drawer locks: These locks can be installed on cabinets and drawers. They may contain potentially dangerous items such as cleaning supplies, medications, or sharp objects.
  3. Safety gates: Safety gates can be used to block off areas of your home.  These are areas that are off-limits to your child, such as the kitchen or stairs.
  4. Corner and edge protectors: These soft foam or rubber protectors can be applied to sharp corners and edges of tables, countertops, and other surfaces. They would  prevent injuries from accidental bumps or falls.
  5. Door knob covers: These covers can be placed over door knobs. They would prevent your child from accidentally opening doors and potentially accessing dangerous areas.
  6. Window guards: Window guards can be installed on windows. They would prevent your child from falling out or accidentally opening the window.

By using these and other childproofing products, you can create a safer environment for your child. You can reduce their risk of accidental injuries. It’s also important to regularly check your home for potential hazards and take steps to address any potential dangers that you may find.

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